All items are one of a kind original pieces of art, made with 100% authentic Great Lakes beach glass.
Shipping rates apply to Canadian orders only, for international shipping rates please contact via e-mail with order description. Thank you.
pronounced (in-ook-shook), Also known as "The Traveler" is a stone erected monument in the image of humans. One of their purposes was to serve as direction markers in the harsh Arctic. They were a tool of survival and a symbol of unselfish acts of the Inuit people. The Inukshuk symbolizes co-operation, balance and unselfishness; the idea that teaching and group effort is greater than individual effort. Each stone is a separate entity, yet each supports, and is supported by the one above and the one below it. No one piece is any more or any less important than the other.
Inukshuks are increasingly serving as a mainstream Canadian national symbol.
It’s strength lies in it’s unity. Its significance comes from its meaning as a whole. The Inukshuk reminds us of our interdependent responsibilities to invest our efforts today, to direct a better way for all of us tomorrow.

Every Inukshuk that we create are uniquely different as no two pieces of beach glass are identical,  which allows us to create one of a kind items.

All of the Inukshuk in our collection are between 1 inch and 6inches tall,  they range in price from $5.00 - $30.00

if you are interested in purchasing one please e-mail us with the color requested and we will e-mail the pictures of what we have available in that color.

here are a few examples.