This shard is a rare piece of red. Measures 3.5 cm wide by 2 cm in height by 4mm thick.
This aqua shard measures 3cm in height and 2.5cm wide it is "L" shaped and has a thickness of 7mm.
This is a few of our white pieces we are currently working with.
This interesting piece measures 5cm in height, 4 cm across and is 3mm thick at the bottom the top piece is solid glass. There are several theory's regarding its origin.

You never know where you will find a piece of beach glass. I stopped to take a picture and look what I found!
Piece of cobalt blue beach glass about 5cm by 4cm. Possibly an old Noxzema bottle. One of our recent finds.
Here is a nice piece of an old Coke a Cola bottle.
Piece of purple beach glass about 8cm by 6cm.
Nice turquoise piece, one of my favorites
Here is a nice assortment of pieces, note the heart shaped ones.
Another colorful assortment of finds
Here are a few of our blues in our collection
A collection of soon to be pendants
A few  bottle necks, marbles and a cobalt blue bottle bottom.
This piece of beach glass we found is part of an old Coke a Cola bottle.
This is one of John's new trophy's, an old double handled jug(1935), although not beach glass still worth mentioning!
This is Hickory, we rescued her from a tree at the beach, some very cruel person discarded her. She is by far our best beach find.
One of our shelves of beach glass
in our shop.
Can you find the beach glass in this picture?
Turquoise heart
Rare cobalt blue heart
More blues !!!
This is my newest blue, it has a raised circular pattern, and is about 4cm across.
Recent find, bottle neck on the beach.
The elusive marble........
Wind blown beach in april
The beach on a beautiful April day...........
Festival by the Bay display.
Festival by the Bay again..and John
Edisonfest 2010
Edisonfest Vienna 2010
Vienna Memorial park bell
John at Edisonfest  :)
Some of our findings from a May outing.
Two great pieces, the pale blue one is Johns favorite!
Larger white heart.
Some more nice pieces
Johns favorite again....
Another nice collection of recent finds. favorite!!!!!!
A nice find.
Brown Inukshuk.....recognize the top piece?
Beach glass butterflies.
Beach glass flower window art.
Noxzema bottle we use for display purposes.
Inukshuk mountain!
Port Colbourne park
Our necklaces on display.
sorting out new finds
a bin of mixed bottle neck pieces
Jug handle still on the beach